Cover Story

San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition Rebrands and Reenergizes as San Diego Black Pride

By Cesar A Reyes

The mission is to create more programming and positive spaces for the black LGBTQ+ community to thrive!

As the coalition is getting close to a decade of existence, they are looking towards the future of what they can do for the Black LGBTQ+ community in San Diego. Wanting to not only help their community survive but to thrive they are rebranding the name and planning a 2024 full of events and programming to not only be known for the Black Pride but for an organization providing necessary services for the Black members of the LGBTQ+ community. We set down with the current president Angelle Maua, Jordan Daniels and Raphael Neal to talk about the San Diego Black Pride organization and what 2024 means to them.

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Angel Maua

Jordan Daniels

Raphael Neal