DJ J Worra: Delivering House for a the New & Old Skool Heads

Classic house meets new school tech with Native Chicagoan now-Los Angeles based DJ and producer Jamie Sitter, a.k.a. J. Worra. Best known for her creativity as a producer and skills behind the decks, she brings an inimitable swagger and technical prowess to dance music’s underground scene, lending her unique skills to every venture of her life spanning music, fashion, and art.

On a meteoric rise colored with a memorable and relatable personality supporting local charities, LGBTQ youth and animal rescue, witness her push the boundaries of dance music one positive impact at a time. J. Worra is here as one of the scene’s most authentic musicians delivering diverse house records for new skool and old skool heads alike. Catch her at San Diego Pride Saturday at 6;10pm at the Stonewall stage.

Can you please describe your journey, how it started?

I started djing and producing around 2011/2012 after going to some of my first electronic shows. I feel very lucky to have learned and come up in a city like Chicago that is so rich is house music history. After a handful of years in Chicago I headed out to LA and thats where my career really started to take off. My journey has been long, steady, and filled with a lot of lessons. Music has always been my safe space so to be doing this as a career is an absolute dream. 

What inspires you?

 I pull a lot of inspiration from my Chicago days and the artists I would see there such as Green Velvet, Gene Farris, The Blessed Madonna, Paul Johnson, Honey Dijon

What can audiences look forward to during your participation at SD Pride?

 We are here to have fun, be ourselves, and lift each other up. This is the engeery and intent I bring into all the pride events I play.. in addition to some really fun music of course

San Diego’s Pride theme this year is “Making History Now”, how would you like to be remembered in history?

 Id like to be remember for making a positive impact and inspiring others whether thats in music, in being themselves, or just to chase after something they love. 

If you could deliver a message to your audience, what would that message be?

Just be good to yourself, those around you, and throw some a** whenever possible 

What are your interests aside from performing?

I love making pottery and spending time with my dog, Pete.