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San Diego Black Pride: Raphael Neal

Please tell us about yourself. Who you are, how long have you been involved with the coalition and the reasons for getting involved?

My name is Raphael Neal, I live in San Diego, though not a native this place is my home. I have been with the coalition over a year now this month. I am striving to raise awareness of the LGBTQ community by developing and maintaining communications of our strong relationships, projects and presence in this community. I have added to the coalitions mission with my proactive spirit and my ability to seek out new ideas for a basis of our media content and getting the word out about what the San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition is doing for our community. I see more for our organization as we seek to be more engaged together through our coalitions social media presence, blogs, newsletters, and public forums. Existing and loud about it.

What are some highlights from your time at the Coalition?

Overall, I would have to say that I have gained a different eye for communications and its need. Specifically, when it comes to organizing and managing several (I’ll say) situations at once. This has been an excellent challenge and continues to challenge me to grow.

Share the importance of the organization to the community?

To be seen and heard. To be seen and heard. I’ll say that one more time… TO BE SEEN AND HEARD. We are a greatly underrepresented community, the black community in general here in San Diego, even more so being a part of the LGBTQ communities and being black. Though the LGBTQ community is large here, it’s easy to get lost in one similarity and not focus on your communities much needed fight for continued equality under all spectrums. 

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