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San Diego Black Pride: Angelle Maua

Please tell us about yourself. Who are you, how long have you been involved with the coalition, and what are the reasons for getting involved?

My name is Angelle Maua, I am a queer nonbinary parent that has been an advocate for Black LGBTQ equity, equality, and access to healthcare, housing, and food for many years (too many to say; I will age myself, LOL).

This work is important; it is needed and necessary. If we (The San Diego Black Pride) don’t do it, who will? Many agencies have good intentions, but only the Black community can center and support us because we know what we need, not other non-Black agencies. This type of nonprofit work is saturated with culture vultures doing performative work, traumatizing and re-traumatizing our communities and our indigenous sibling’s communities. My BIPOC colleagues and I are left with the aftermath to clean up.

Tell us the history of the Coalition?


Several community members, including Dwayne Crenshaw, formed the San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition, which is connected to San Diego Pride.


“The Coalition” decided to adopt bylaws with the vision of creating its organization, with its first official president,Damon J. Shearer.​


Officially became a 501©3 nonprofit organization, the largest Black nonprofit LGBTQ led for Black LGBTQ community members in Southern California​.


Established San Diego’s First Emergency Black Transgender Fund and the Damon J. Shearer Academic Scholarship​.


1st year of San Diego Black Pride, led by the San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition​.


San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition rebrands as San Diego Black Pride

What is the reasoning behind the rebranding?

We are known to host a Black Pride event for the past 3 years as San Diego doesn’t have a “Black Pride”. We need to own who we are, and so we are embracing the fact that we are the Black Pride of San Diego.

What is the organization planning for 2024?

  • Programming that addresses housing, health and wellness, mental health support, 50+ community support, collegiate connections, HIV+ support, PrEP/PEP testing, as well as MPOX , COVID and STD awareness.
    • Workshops that talk about healthy sexual relationships.
    • SD Black Pride events in July.
      • Includes our infamous mini ball
    • Winter mini ball
    • Financial literacy workshops in conjunction with our Damon J.Shearer Scholarship Awards.
    • Food bank
    • Increasing our Emergency and Trans Funds.
    • A community specifically for the Black LGBTQ Community. 

Some highlights from the Coalitions existence?

  • Past mixers and balls.
    • Our annual BIPOC LGBTQ Human Book Experience in partnership with the SD Public Library 

The importance of the organization for the community?

  • We are creating spaces that provide resources, safe events, open and creative dialogue around healthy relationships, and creating community.

How can people get involved with the organization?

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