On Stage

Next to Normal Brings a Light in the Dark

By Berto Fernandez

Oceanside Theatre Company is producing the powerful Pulitzer Prize winning musical Next to Normal. The Rock Opera follows Diana Goodman, a mother with bipolar disorder and how she manages her illness with Western medicine, as she tries to navigate her relationship with every member of her family. This heavy themed show explores themes of mental illness, grief, addiction, suicide, and depression, which do not sound like the right ones for a musical, but it all somehow works. 

The production is directed by San Diego artist Frankie Errington, and will feature a full band on stage, under the music direction of Dr. Randi Rudolph. Audiences will surely experience an emotional rollercoaster watching this show, as they connect with all these relatable characters and their journey of loving each other while they try finding peace within themselves. Playing at the historic Sunshine Brooks Theater in Downtown Oceanside from May 10-26, do not miss this stunning show.

Next to Normal is presented by Oceanside Theatre Company with performances May 10 through May 26 at the Sunshine Brooks Theater in Oceanside, CA. Tickets and info: here