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Meet Community Arts Writer Patric Stillman

By Patric Stillman

In the heart of artistic expression lies a captivating narrative that transcends boundaries and illuminates the world of art. Join me in the pages of The WORD as I expand my efforts to explore the vibrant tapestry of local creativity, with a special focus on the LGBTQ+ community.

Through the strokes of my figurative brush, I aim to unveil obscured and forgotten narratives, breathing life into the rich tapestry of LGBTQ history and seeking out new voices of creativity.

Drawing inspiration from my personal experiences as an arts entrepreneur, museum collected artist and professional development arts mentor, I seek to empower readers, encouraging them to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate the transformative power of knowledge that comes from our connection to the art world.

Throughout my journey as a visual artist, my body of work has graced prestigious organizations, leaving an indelible mark on the art community. My artistic expressions include the 15-foot, three-panel mural titled “Pride and Protest,” which is included in San Diego History Center’s permanent collection and “Free Radical,” a tribute to Mattachine Society and Radical Faerie founder Harry Hays, which was included in San Diego’s LGBT Community Center’s inaugural art collection.

I have been deeply honored to receive recognition for my contributions to the arts. I have been awarded the Artie Award from Mission Fed ArtWalk as well as the prestigious Nicky Award for my contributions to San Diego’s arts scene.

One of my proudest and earliest achievements is the creation of the Brotherhood Tarot, a powerful deck celebrating Gay history, mythology, and the essence of self-discovery. This unique creation intertwines timeless symbols with identity, offering a gateway to a deeper understanding of the self. Produced in 2004, it continues to make its way across the world entertaining Tarot enthusiasts.

Beyond the canvas, I have made an indelible mark as the founder of The Studio Door, a sanctuary for artistic expression. Guided by the belief that art can empower, the contemporary art gallery has become a hub for artists to unleash their creativity, fostering an inclusive and vibrant community. It is nationally renowned for its annual exhibitions PROUD+ and The Crow Show, which have become San Diego traditions.

As an arts writer, my passion for the written word has flourished. I find immense joy in profiling remarkable local LGBTQ artists, celebrating their brilliance and contributions to the art world.

Through The WORD, I plan to delve deeper into the minds of trailblazing artists and arts organizations, capturing their inspiring journeys.

I hope you will join me here at The WORD as I bring to you a kaleidoscope of experiences and a palette of vibrant stories. Through my art and writing, I hold steadfast to the timeless message of Pride, celebrating our shared history and amplifying the voices that have shaped our artistic legacy.

I look forward to creating a direct connection between you and the creatives behind San Diego’s arts community. I hope you will enjoy following my efforts as it promises to be an illuminating exploration, resonating with readers far and wide.

This article is a part of my new ongoing series dedicated to showcasing the diverse voices and stories shaping the world of art.