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Human Dignity Foundation: Mady Alvarado Hansen

Please tell us about yourself. Who you are, how long have you been involved with the Human Dignity Foundation and the reasons for getting involved?

My name is Madelaine Manlulu Alvarado Hansen. I am the President of Human Dignity Foundation. I am a Mom, a wife and some may call me “Ate” (a big sister that you can call for advice and help). I work in Finance/Banking industry by trade. Been involved with HDF for 3 years now. I attended an event where the speaker discussed the impact that HDF has in the community. At that event, I learned the names of the o the organizations that HDF was supporting and supported and a lot more that HDF still supports to this day. I knew then I had to be part of HDF, to magnify my efforts and contributions. I am a servant leader at heart. I come from humble beginnings, born, and raised in the Philippines. I know hard work, add determination and consistency and the heart to help and serve. Anything is possible.

Tell us the history of HDF?

The HDF stands out for its grassroots origins and development. Despite the Initial endowment’s generosity, it was relatively modest compared to those of other community foundations. The founder’s vision has persevered, inspiring a diverse group of donors in the community to contribute and uphold the foundation’s mission from its inception. Although the journey has presented challenges, it underscores the robust backing the foundation enjoys within our community. This Grassroots foundation is poised to continue serving our community well into the future.

What is the organization planning for 2024?

We are partnering with different organizations in the community that are in line with the Human Dignity Foundation’s values and mission.  and to elevate the quality of life of the people we serve. Our goal this year is to be visible and be as impactful as we possibly could and proactively address important issues that our community is facing. Check out our website for upcoming events.

Some highlights from your time at HDF?

I think one of my favorite highlights is when we the board of directors collectively agreed to volunteer their expertise and bring it to the table and together we collectively VOLUNTEERED and worked thousands of hours in the past couple of years to sustain and keep the foundation alive. Now stronger than ever we have built great relationships with the community and continue to build more connections with the people we serve.

The importance of HDF for the community?

HDF holds great importance for our community. It serves as a platform for individuals seeking to make meaningful impact, allowing them to magnify their contributions towards advancing advocacy for Human Rights, fostering Community Development, supporting Social Justice initiative, implementing Empowerment Programs, promoting Awareness and Education, and facilitating Collaboration with Local Partners. 

How can people get involved? 

Be an advocate! You can get involved by donating to this amazing entity that does not only focus on ONE issue. You can donate however much is comfortable for you on a monthly basis. Or participate in our upcoming events. Spread the word. Email us at if you have any questions or suggestions. 

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