DJ Jace M Serves Delicious Beats: GLOW Festival in San Diego Thanksgiving Weekend

By Travis Shaffer

It could be argued that DJ Jace M is a San Diego native, however, he wouldn’t.  “I lived in San Diego as a kid for a few years, but to be honest, I haven’t been back since.” 

He’s excited to make his San Diego return this Thanksgiving weekend when he co headlines GLOW Thanksgiving Festival’s Clinic Party at Encore Event Centre.   

Now living in Miami, the DJ and producer draws inspiration from some of today’s leading dancefloor DJs including DJ Grind, Mor Avrahami, and Micky Friedman.  Jace specializes in happy, uplifting synths and sounds that are heavy with vocals. “I like songs people can sing along to on the dance floor. Songs that make people want to hug their dancing partner.” 

He says fans can expect a lot of surprises at his upcoming San Diego show.  “I’m headlining with GSP and he and I are a great combo.  Our dynamic sounds are sure to have everyone’s feet moving on the dancefloor.” 

We spoke with DJ Jace M from his South Florida studio.

photos by Miami Photo Studio

How did you land the GLOW Thanksgiving Festival gig? 

DJ Jace M:  The team at Turn San Diego reached out to me a few months ago and asked me if I was interested in playing their GLOW festival.  I said, hell yeah!

Have you always shined? 

DJ Jace M:  My mom says so!  (laughs)

Are you excited to get reacquainted with San Diego?

DJ Jace M:  I can’t wait! My good friend is picking me up at the airport and showing me around the city before I play.  I’m excited to see how it’s changed.

Will you have a chance to experience the other GLOW Thanksgiving festival parties? 
DJ Jace M:  I really wish I had more time to explore the festival, but this is an in and out trip for me. After my set, I am back to the airport!   That’s the life of a DJ.

It’s Thanksgiving so have to ask, what are you most thankful for this year? 
DJ Jace M:  I am thankful for my husband, the growth of my music career, and every opportunity to create music for people!

Are dancefloors your happy place?
DJ Jace M:  They really are.  I love creating a space where people can let go and be free.   Dancing cannot solve the world’s problems, but it does let us forget about them for a little while. 

What problems have been weighing on your mind?
DJ Jace M:  Well, you know I’m from Florida so I’m living every day under Governor DeSantis.   He is really something else.  Ignorant, hateful, and selfish.  

Can you imagine President DeSantis?  
DJ Jace M:  I can’t imagine it because I don’t think it will happen.  Watching him make a fool out of himself on the national stage is comical.  He’s not cut out for the big leagues.  He can’t win.  However, if he did, passing laws like those he is putting through now in Florida would be harder, and hopefully impossible. Florida is a special case because they have gerrymandered the districts so badly that the republicans have majority control in both chambers of the legislature, so passing bills is easy for them. 

What are you working on next?  
DJ Jace M:  I have been working on new material with Toy Armada.  We just finished remixes for Kim Petras and Nicki Minaj.   I’ll likely play them in San Diego.

Is there an artist that you’re hoping to collaborate with one day?
DJ Jace M:  Kylie Minogue. I love her energy and she’s such an inspiration. 

Your final message to San Diego fans? 
DJ Jace M:  I really hope to see you all out on the dancefloor! Always remember to be kind to people but don’t get taken advantage of. I love you all, and please send nudes.

DJ Jace M and GSP headline the GLOW Thanksgiving festival’s Clinic Party at Encore Event Centre on Saturday, Nov 25 from 10pm – 5am. Visit