Strong Man Muscles into Kink Film 

By Mark Bloom

Fitness Model Davin Strong Stars in KinkMen’s “Silent Hill Delirium” and “Good Little Mouse”

Davin Strong first gained notoriety for being a fitness icon.  His chiseled body and commitment to leading a healthy lifestyle captivated and inspired fans and he shared his fitness journey, workout routines, and diet tips on social media, encouraging thousands to embrace wellness. 

Behind the scenes, Davin felt an unyielding desire to explore his boundaries and delve into realms less conventional. He realized that his true passion lay in embracing his sexuality and in expressing himself through the world of kink and fetish. 

He reached out to KinkMen, a prominent adult entertainment studio known for its high-quality productions within the BDSM and fetish genres. They jumped at the chance to work with the fitness model and this month, Davin Strong premieres in two KinkMen exclusive films, Silent Hill Delirium and Good Little Mouse

Davin, your scenes in Kinkmen’s Silent Hill Delirium and Good Little Mouse are extreme.

Davin Strong:  Being suspended was something I had never done before and being a big guy, that was an intense experience and a good one to check off the bucket list.  

Is there anything you won’t do?

Davin Strong:  I assume you mean sexually?  Well, I top and I bottom. I have enjoyed sex with people of all gender expressions.  I’ve generally always been down to try new things.  Overall, I describe myself as a pleasure dom/switch, and a voyeur/exhibitionist. Working with KinkMen has been a great way for me to try out a vast array of sexual proclivities in the BDSM world! 

Silent Hill Delirium is based on a popular video game series.  Are you a fan of horror?  
Davin Strong: I have a ton of respect for the genre as an art form and especially for the Silent Hill series as I sincerely find it fascinating, but truthfully, I am a total chicken shit when it comes to the horror movie genre! I actually scared myself a bit leaning into the movie and taking on my character. I had to get myself in the right head space for it. Micah Martinez, the film’s director, did an amazing job all around casting for the scene and helping me to not be such a scaredy cat!

In addition to the steamy sex, you show off some impressive acting chops in the film.  Were you given a script or is that all ad lib?  

Davin Strong: There was not a lot of script in scene.  It’s mostly improvisation.  If I remember correctly, before filming, we were told that the underlying theme for the scene was that I was meant to sort of make the other guys face repressed desire and so all of the improv I did surrounded that. 

In the post credits, you admit that you learned how to yell on set.

Davin Strong: (Laughing) That’s true!  I’m pretty soft spoken in real-life.  Getting me to yell took a bit of coaching but I figured it out eventually.  It took a couple tries.  (Laughing)

You go from one scene being the Dom to another where you are submissive and tied down. Which is the more enjoyable for you?

Davin Strong: I would say I’m a true switch.  I tend to be a little more dominant when I’m having sex with women. With men, especially if I have the right partner, I really enjoy the act of submission. I loved all my scene partners! Dominating Derek (Kage) was amazing because he is gorgeous. Submitting for Dillon and Quin was hot too. I think just because I have never been double dominated by two men before and that was a pretty cool experience! I am always seeking novelty with my kink experiences.

What is something that you have not yet done on film that you would like to try?

Davin Strong: I think I’ve done the gambit of most things but I still have a few kinks left to try.   I have never been sounded (a kink that involves putting a metal rod in your urethra) yet or fisted. I am down for anything. 

Have you considered directing your own Kink films?

Davin Strong: I have so many great ideas for kink scenes! For KinkMen in particular, I would like to play with the idea of a handful of submissive men worshiping a demi god or demon! I like story lines that deal with the occult: supernatural, mystical, or magical beliefs, practices, or phenomena.  A scene where a ritual takes place to summon a guy and a whole group, being commanded by a dom, is made to anoint him in oils.  Someone is tied up and suspended, someone is on a cross, someone else is tied, bent over something.  Bodies everywhere, all being used by one all-powerful dominator! There are so many beautiful men at KinkMen to cast, however, I don’t think any cast could beat the one we had for Silent Hill Delirium

Will you be shooting any more scenes with Kink Men?

Davin Strong: Hopefully!  I’m always eager and forever bugging them to do more scenes. I love getting cast for any and all rolls. No one can take a beating like me at KinkMen! And I am a damn good Dom, too.