¡SOMOS! LGBTQ+ Movie Showcase at the 31st San Diego Latino Film Festival 

Programmed by Yakira Delgadillo

This showcase challenges norms, discovers and celebrates our bodies, and spotlights accessibility in the queer community. Get a sneak peek at the films, documentaries, and shorts which explore queerness in every way imaginable. Click here for all films, schedules and tickets for this year’s LGBTQ+ movies – 

 MOE – OPENING Night Movie and San Diego Premiere
Dir. Jose Luis Valenzuela
(USA, 80 min, 2023, San Diego Premiere, English) | Narrative Feature
3/14 • 7:00 • S10 • Q&A w/ Sal Lopez
3/17 • 7:00 • S10

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A tale about a man named Moe, a fun-loving Latino who is living his remaining days to the fullest as he suffers from AIDS. The story unfolds over the course of two nights in two distinct worlds: Moe’s reality and Moe’s imagination. Hecho en USA Showcase.

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CARMIN (preceded by short films HOLY MADONNA | SAMY) 107 min.
3/19 • 8:45 • DGC 3/23 • 9:30 • S11
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Dir. Esteban Javier Vera, Tommy Cachimuel, Salvador Rosendo Yugcha 2023. Ecuador. 15 min.
With the unexpected death of Afrodita, a charismatic and respected drag queen whose last wish was to be veiled with joy and party, Martina, a sister of the parish, must face her ex-girlfriend, and her fear of coming out, all while discovering she does not have to fear love and living authentically.

Dir. Jhojaddy Ramirez
2024. Panama, Spain, Colombia. 15 min. World Premiere
Samy, a contemporary dancer, hides a secret from her family, preventing her from living fully. With the support of her girlfriend, she finds the courage to confront her mother. Samy must be brave to love, dance, and live without regrets.

Dir. Aldo Garay
2023. Uruguay, Argentina. 77 min. International Premiere. English subtitles.
Carmine accesses the world of the versatile creator Sofía Saunier, a trans filmmaker who portrays her community, and Carmen, an old woman with no memory who spends most of the day in bed. A story of physical and emotional displacement, framed in a powerful invisible social portrait.

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Dir. Guadalupe Sanchez, Pablo Delgado Sánchez
2022. México. 92 min. USA Premiere. English subtitles.
People from different generations and sociocultural backgrounds share their life stories with us to reveal the secrets that their bodies keep. They reconstruct themselves through a journey by themselves, as a self-reflexive process about their own identities.
3/22 • 6:00 • S2 • Q&A w/ director 3/23 • 6:00 • S2 • Q&A w/ director

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FEBRERO (preceded by short film, WISHFUL THINKING) Total running time 93 min.
3/16 • 7:30 • S11 • Q&A w/ director 3/17 • 8:30 • S2 • Q&A w/ director
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WISHFUL THINKING SHORT Dir. Rodrigo Carvalhedo, Silvia Lara 2023. USA. 16 min. San Diego Premiere
Rodrigo discovers a supposed safe space, but his world crumbles when a birthday wish propels him on a surreal coming-out jour- ney spanning Brazil and LA, challenging the false sense of security he clung to.

Dir. Hansel Porras Garcia
2022. USA. 77 min. California Premiere
On her 64th birthday, Zoe, a Cuban widow exiled in Miami, receives an unexpected visit from Helena, her childhood best friend, after more than 40 years without seeing each other. When one of them confesses that she is gay, they both have to reconsider their relationship.

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Dir. Joris Lachaise, Guillermo Quintero2023. Colombia. 153 min. North American Premiere. English subtitles.
★ Best Documentary Film Competition
An unexpected love story between a trans former sex worker and a FARC rebel begins in a Colombian prison and leads to an alliance in solidarity between trans activists and FARC militants who have laid down their arms.
3/16 • 4:00 • DGC 3/24 • 8:30 • S10
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ACSEXYBILITY (preceded by short film ROPE BOTTOM) 99 min.
3/22 • 4:45 • S11
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ROPE BOTTOM (short film)
Dir. Polaris Castillo
2023. USA. 16 min. San Diego Premiere
Indigenous queer femme Sylky uses kinky rope play as a tool to process life. Their deep connection with rope allows for a profound journey inwards, creating a strong sense of empowerment and self discovery.

Dir. Daniel Gocalvez
2023. Brazil. 83 min.
A documentary that tells stories about the sexuality of people with disabilities. Through the characters and their stories, the film aims
to deconstruct the stereotype of the disabled person as fragile and devoid of sexuality.

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Dir. Theo Montoya
2022. Colombia, Romania, France, Germany. 75 min. San Diego Premiere. English subtitles.
A funeral car cruises the streets of Medellín, while a young director remembers the pre-production of his first film, a B-movie with ghosts. The young queer scene of Medellín is cast for the film, but the main protagonist dies of a heroin overdose at the age of 21.
3/16 • 9:00 • S10

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3/19 • 6:30 • S10 • Q&A w/ Filmmakers 3/23 • 7:30 • DGC

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Dir. Ana Moreno Hernández
2023. Mexico. 16 min. California Premiere
After Carmen suffers a panic attack when facing the prospect of opening herself emotionally to her partner, Lucía, Carmen now has to make a decision that will forever change their relationship.

Dir. Adrián Monroy Molina
2023. Mexico. 16 min. California Premiere
★ Best Narrative Short Competition
A young woman with cerebral palsy decides to hire a sex worker to experience her first sexual encounter, but it does not turn out as expected, resulting in intimacy and complicity.

Dir. Omar Paul Yñigo
2023. Mexico, 15 min. San Diego Premiere
Juanma arrives at a restaurant-bar in search of his girlfriend Lili. While he waits for her, a young man stares at him insistently from the bar table and encourages him to believe another reality would be possible, if he only dared.

Dir. Bruno Tadeu
2023. Brazil. 21 min. USA Premiere
Dante, an aging gay activist, rejects retirement and confronts the approaching end of his life. Determined to realize his dream, he plans to open the first LGBTQIA+ retirement house in Brazil, despite the counsel of his friend Francisca, who believes they no longer need to worry.

Dir. Marcos Nieves
2023. USA. 16 min. San Diego Premiere
★ Best Documentary Short Competition
Upon turning fifty years old, Karyna, a transgender immigrant, is determined to fulfill her lifelong dream of celebrating her Quinceañera in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dir. Sofia Garza-Barba
2022. USA. 25 min. San Diego Premiere
Lorenzo’s desire to explore his feminine side is a secret, and according to his religious family, secrets belong to the devil. With a choice to make, he’ll either live a lie, or come out to his loved ones by killing his secret and the devil himself.

*The films and shorts contain adult language and content. It is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. View at your own discretion.

at AMC Cinemas 20 Mission Valley & Digital Gym CINEMA

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