Cover Story

Chiara LeRoy, Mama’s Kitchen Board Member Invites You to Mama’s Day

By JP Emerson

Tell us about yourself and how you are involved with Mama’s Kitchen?

My name is Chiara LeRoy, and I am on the Board of Directors for Mamas Kitchen, currently I serve as the Development Committee Chair.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering for, and being on the Board of Directors for Mamas Kitchen?

Mamas Kitchen is such an amazing organization that truly does save lives in our community. I get to serve on a board with incredible people who are passionate about that mission and the vision and just getting to be surrounded by people who are so willing and excited to give to our community and save lives and make a difference. It’s just so fulfilling and rewarding. 

What are you looking forward to most about Mamas Day?

For those who know me they know I love food, so I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was the food. We have some incredible vendors and restaurants that will be sharing their meals with us so I’m super excited to try those out but as with everything we do in Mamas Kitchen it’s all about having a great time and in doing so getting to save lives in our community.

What makes Mama’s Kitchen unique from other meal delivery non-profit


I think meal delivery in general is so important and for those of us who have been sick I think we’ve all been sick at one point or another in our lives whether it’s a cold or the flu or even people who unfortunately experienced COVID so we know how weak we feel and how tired we get and we know how strenuous it is to get sustenance so for folks that are clients of Mamas Kitchen knowing that this is what they’re going through day after day it’s so important for us to be able to deliver to them  nutritious meals that I’ve even gotten to taste  and they are amazing they’re so incredibly good.  I know how important that is to our clients plus they have the opportunity to see someone (our drivers) and getting that personal contact because a lot of times they’re not able to see loved ones so it’s nice to just know that someone cares about them. 

Why should people give back to Mama’s Kitchen?

Again, Mama’s Kitchen is such an amazing organization they’ve been around for over 30 years and have touched so many lives.  We’re just such a passionate organization from our staff to our volunteers and even our clients. We start each staff meeting with a client story, so we get to hear how the work we’re doing really makes for folks by touching their lives and making them so much better.  Mama’s kitchen puts every penny we get towards serving our clients and serving our community, no dollar goes wasted so I think it’s a great organization to donate to or support in any way you guys can. 

The WORD is?

The word is service! Giving back to others is so important and fulfilling and you never know how you’re going to change someone else’s life so being able to give back through service is so incredible.